Volunteering in London


Have you ever thought about living London as a VOLUNTEER?

The JUMPIN Association has structured an amazing program for you!



Here is finally an engaging program of activities that allow you to practice English and relate to hundreds of kids every day and … the indispensable freedom to know London. The capital of the United Kingdom awaits you with the best attractions, healthy and sparkling parks, museums and then fascinating special events, theatrical performances, concerts, art exhibitions and much more.


You have the amazing option to choose when to leave and how long you want to stay (minimum stay period one week).


You do not have a selection to overcome but you will only be required to fill out a form with your data and your motivation for anyone who welcomes you to know you better before you arrive and arrange it for you. There are no age limits: 16-99 years who want to experience this experience can already pack their luggage luggage! The project is born out of a partnership between our association and a London training institution that deals with work experience. Together, we coordinate time and activity for your stay. You will be supported for any pre-departure request, you will receive information about how to get to the airport the family you will be assigned to, you will be able to leave as a group. You can choose to share the room with a friend or join an Italian departure group already coordinated by Jumpin. You will receive a detailed guide of London in Italian.


What better way to live their culture than in close contact with an English family? You will be a guest of an English family who has a reserved room for you in your home and will welcome you upon your arrival.


Thanks to the English custom to give their superfluous things to the neighborhood charity shops, charity shops have become a landmark for so many people.

You will work in these typically London-based shops and will deal with: front office / back office activities sorting by type and status of sales, managing customer acceptance and responding to their demands.


London is a metropolis not just within the reach of all pockets: this program allows you to live a week intense at a reduced cost.

TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCE PACKAGE EURO 400 (for the first or only week of project).

In summary …….

The TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCE package includes:

* 1 week of family accommodation plus breakfast (the accommodation is to be understood in a double room, you can share it with a friend if you decide to leave together and with another volunteer departing with Jumpin)
* 5 days of volunteering for a total of 4 hours a day, first workplace accompaniment, monitoring, tutoring, bureaucratic practice.
* Weekly metro-bus subscription for London 1-2-3 zone (this will allow you to easily navigate to your afternoon and evening outings)
* Language support in Italian offered by Jumpin and directly on site by the coordinating association the project
* Annual membership fee at Jumpin that allows you to take part in all activities promoted by our association for the current year (language courses, work camps, Erasmus Plus projects … ..).

What it does not include:

* Tickets from Italy to the destination as well as the return tickets are the responsibility of the volunteer.
* Only breakfast is included in the package. (Possibility to have additional meals with supplement)
* It is advisable for the volunteer to sign up for a pre-insurance insurance.
* If you are really interested in the themes of the project, you can apply for it by sending a resume to the email address selezionejumpin@hotmail.it

For any additional information call 3336583214