1. What are the duties of the volunteer?

The UNSC has promulgated provisions governing the conduct of the volunteer and affirming its rights. SCN volunteers are required to adopt behavior based on the sense of responsibility, tolerance and balance, and to engage with the project’s activities.

In particular, the “duties” of the volunteer are:

Present at the venue of the project on the day when the service is started;
To inform the Board of any waiver of the SCN;
Promptly notify the Agency of the absence of the service in the event of illness by obtaining medical certification;
Follow the instructions and directives given by the local operator of the project that will assist you in the service;
Participate in general and specific training;
Comply strictly with the timetable for carrying out activities related to SCN;
Not to abstain during the timetable of carrying out activities from the assignment site without authorization;
Respect the places and people he comes across during the service;
Do not exceed the permissible days and illness allowed during the service period;
Refrain from disclosing confidential information or information that has come to its notice during the service;
2. What are the rights of a volunteer?

Volunteers are entitled to a monthly fee reimbursement which is currently quantified at € 433.80 net.

They are entitled to 20 days of paid leave for personal reasons, including serious and justified reasons such as serious family needs, university examinations and graduate thesis, maternity licenses, etc. Permits allow a volunteer to leave the service for a period longer than 24 Hours and can not be divided into hourly permissions.

Volunteers can enjoy additional extraordinary permits in the case of:

Blood donations: 1 day for each donation (for a maximum of 4 donations in the 12 months for boys and up to 2 donations for girls);
Appointed as chairman, secretary of seat and scrutineer, as well as a list repre- sentative during the electoral consultations: for the duration of the service;
Exercise of the right to vote: 1 day for volunteers resident 50 to 300 km away from the place of performance of the service, 2 days for volunteers resident over 300 km from the place of performance of the service; 3 days if volunteers are involved in projects in Europe; Five days if volunteers are involved in extra-European projects;
Summon to appear at the hearing as witness: 1 day Volunteers are entitled to 15 days of paid sickness and another 15 days of illness for which the economic amount is reduced in proportion to the days of absence.
Exceeding these additional 15 days the volunteer is excluded from the project, but the volunteer may again apply for participation in the SCN in subsequent calls. The volunteers have the right (and duty) to participate free of charge in the general and specific training courses organized by the body, and on the support at the venue for the implementation of the project of an operator who plays the role of a “master” for the volunteer.

Volunteers have the right, upon written notice to the body, to stop their participation in the project at any time without the need to state their reasons or to comply with a notice period.