LAB SPACE: hot spirits

The workshops enable young people to acquire skills and professionalities through using new and non-formal education methods that stimulate learning, creativity and transfer skills useful even for future. Workshops are supported by Jump in from graphics to sound, theater to music encourage people mostly concerning artistic and entrepreneurial issues.

A theoretical and practical training that would make the people to acquire specific  skills in the world of sound.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign “with the aim of creating professional youth able to practice as a specialist in Commercial Art.

the technical basis for the filming and editing for an audio / video with professional equipment.

How to give new life to objects no longer in use by reducing the production of waste and supporting a new ecological aesthetic?

“Try to believe”, for those who want to experience the thrill of entering a stage not as public but as an actor.

The course prepares students for the role of technical registration, live and studio, for the management of musical productions, multimedia and audio / video.

To eliminate annoying dialects cadences and acquire tools to better control the use of the voice, breathing and more effective expressive and communicative.

Practicing in this discipline gives mental and physical wellbeing, body strong, flexible and light and a calm mind that concentrated.

Paths of musical practices based on collective ensemble workshops are open to all members of all ages and levels of knowledge.