What is EVS

Youth Intercultural Exchange offer youngsters aged 13-25 and coming from different countries the opportunity to meet each other and to get to know various culture

They plan together their own youth exchange based on the topics that interest them Youth Exchanges are organized by JumpIn in collaboration with the European Union within Youth in Action Programme.

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States of the Union established jointly the programme, which is one application of the normative framework supporting educational activities for youth. The programme operates from 2007 to the end of 2013.Youth in Action Programme makes its significant contribution to acquire skills.

Therefore it represents a key instrument  for giving young people non-formal and informal learning opportunities on a European dimension.It makes a contribution to achieve goals set by the Revision of the Lisbon Strategy, by the European Youth Pact for young people, by the European Cooperation in the youth field as well as by the Plan-D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate and relies on responding to European youngsters’ necessities from their teenage, to their adulthood.

YiA born as a result of the previous programme “Youth for Europe” (1988-1999), of the European Voluntary Service of the YOUTH (2000-2006).It was introduced by the European Commission after wide consultation with the most important stakeholders of the youth field.

A Mid-term evaluation of the Programme Youth was carried out in 2003. On this occasion, you had responses from various specialists, stakeholders and also any people directly involved in the programme. During the YiA elaboration process, you availed oneself of a preliminary evaluation. This programme is the result of some youth-field evolutions on the European level. It is in step with the European framework recent developments of the European cooperation in the field of youth and it will support to the politics process. The total balance amount of the Programme YiA (2007-2013) is 885.000,000 €.

The general objectives set in the normative framework of the YiA Programme and of the youth exchanges are the following:

  • promoting the active citizenship among young people, in general, and the European citizenship, in particular;
  • developing solidarity and promoting tolerance among youngsters, in particular on order to reinforce the social cohesion in the European Union;
  • reinforcing mutual comprehension among youths from different countries;
  • contributing to develop the quality of activities supporting-systems addressed to young people and to develop  organizations skills working in the youth sector;
  • promoting European cooperation within youth field