About us

ti presento jumpin

What is Jump In?

Jump In is a concept regarding different ways of LIVING OUR POSSIBILITIES, increasing the value of diversity and respecting eachothers personal ambitions. We invest in our youth and we pay attention to their voices, as an essential source of new ideas, creativity and artistic expression. Our key value is interculturality, we want to move past national boundries and stereotypes. Moreover we strongly want to enrich ourselves with our diversity.

What is our mission? 

  • To provide challenging intercultural learning experiences for young people.
  • To promote their social and personal development through international volunteer programs
  • To promote intercultural understanding, equality of opportunity, tolerance and peace among people in the world

What are our goals? 

  • Justice for all people who suffer from social, political, economic and personal injustice;
  • Break through the barriers between culture and people;
  • The principle of equality among cultures, nations and sexes;
  • Providing experiences that will encourage international and intercultural understanding;
  • Helping participants become aware of the issues and problems in the local and national community in order to better understand world-wide social, economical and political issues and problems;
  • Encouraging commitment to act on these understandings, both during the exchange experience and after.

How do we do it? 

  • educational activities (educational projects in schools and on an extra-curricular basis throughout a non-formal education method focused on active citizenship, European conscience, against racism and xenophobia, human rights principles);
  • cultural events (conference, seminars, cineforum, concerts, art exhibitions);
  • intercultural activities (programs and projects for youth mobility, education on international topics, promotion of different cultures in Italy and abroad, welcome activities of tourists and foreigners, promotion of Youth in Action Program);
  • Territorial promotion (promotion of its typical aspects, its artists, tourism, sport activities)
  • The mission of education activities consists of providing non-formal education opportunities for young people involving as many as possible, and trying always to widen our reach. Our aim is to help youngsters develop their transversal competences (lifeskills) by using nonformal learning tools. We try to educate youngsters to a peaceful cohabitation with people coming from different cultures, countries and social conditions by giving them the opportunity to confront themselves with others in an intercultural environment which stimulates the development of a social conscience.