Youth unemployment: realities and solutions 1-9 Aprile 2016 PORTOGALLO

NOME PROGETTO: Youth unemployment: realities and solutions
QUANDO: 1-9 Aprile 2016
DOVE: Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Portugal
ETA’: 18-no limiti

TEMA: Avete mai provato un senso di disorientamento alla ricerca di lavoro? Molte vostre candidature non sono andate bene?
No one is born taught !!!
Ecco un training che vi farà entrare in empatia con parole come leadership, proactivity, dynamism, capacity for teamwork, critical thinking, negotiation and self-assessment capability . Provare, candidarsi per credere!

Condizioni economiche

- Vitto e alloggio è coperto al 100% dall’associazione

- 100 % del costo dei biglietti sarà pagato dall’associazione ospitante entro un budget che sarà comunicato ai partecipanti al momento della selezione
- altre spese al carico del volontario: quota associativa annuale a JUMPIN 70 euro.

Il rimborso dei biglietti avverrà a seguito della presentazione dei giustificativi di viaggio.
Ragazzi è assolutamente importante che conserviate tutti i giustificativi di viaggio e le boarding pass dei voli aerei cosi come i biglietti dei treni o bus perché devono essere consegnati all’associazione non appena arrivati. Allo stesso modo, al vostro ritorno in Italia, ognuno di voi dovrà prima scansionare i giustificativi di viaggio e inviarli all’indirizzo che i responsabili vi indicheranno.

Se siete davvero interessati alle tematiche del progetto, potete candidarvi inviando l’application form all’indirizzo mail
Per qualsiasi informazione aggiuntiva chiamare il numero 3336583214

Some young people wants to look for work but they don’t know how. Others try but the process goes wrong. Perhaps because they don’t use the most appropriate strategies. No one is born taught, and when the time comes to face the job market, it is natural to feel a certain disorientation, because this type of learning is not done, usually in schools. On the other hand, some of the closest people may be to give them some tips that worked in other times but are now dysfunctional, because the market has changed.
-The good news is that seeking employment is learned. Discover the best sites for ad search, know how to use personal contacts to be informed about job calls, create a good CV or a letter of appealing presentation, submit unsolicited applications properly, it is learned. The personal marketing will also be working, knowing “sell” what we are and what we have to offer and, before that, knowing how to communicate. This concept is strongly reflected, for example, in the job interviews. The skills of young people can be the good but the person on the other side will not guess it and he will only collect the information that they are able to transmit during the few moments that they have to do this. This “first impression” is not just a result of what is said or not, but the body posture that is adopted or image that we present ourselves. It will be worked the best way to the participants transmit what they have good, communicating it properly, including, among other exercises, simulations of job interviews. It is still produced an informational video about Insertion Opportunities in the Market, Job Search Techniques and Tips for Entrepreneurship. The objective of this project will transmit all of these techniques and help participants to use them for their own benefit or to support young people in their organizations.
-This project has been designed in order to work one of the biggest problems of our time – youth unemployment. We selected organizations working directly with young people and who share a deep concern about the current job crisis, especially with regard to its impact on young people and evidence to suggest, both in terms of risk of poverty and social failure.